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The NoGlobalBorders Management Team

NoGlobalBorders team has coalesced around an idea: that importers and exporters can be doing a better job of moving goods through the border - doing it less expensively, more quickly, and using the information to improve their business. With a team of people who have backgrounds in international trade, customs brokerage, purchasing, information technology, strategy consulting and courier services, we bring a holistic perspective to identifying opportunities to improve our clients' businesses.

If you would like to join our team and think you can contribute something unique, please check our careers page.

Ian Tuck, QCB - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tuck, one of the founders of NoGlobalBorders, has recently returned to Canada after five years in Manhattan, where he was Senior Manager in Accenture's Media & Entertainment Strategy practice for 3 years, focused mainly on the publishing, music and Internet industries. This was followed by two years as Special Consultant to the CTO at Pearson PLC, publisher of The Economist, the Financial Times, owner of Pearson Television and book publishers Penguin Books and Pearson Education. While there, Ian also served as a director on the board of the Canadian Society of New York.

Ian's experience developing and implementing international business strategy for multi-national corporations is now being leveraged to help NoGlobalBorders provide high-quality international trade products and services to the Canadian and US import, export, and freight communities. Ian also brings a broad and deep understanding of EDI and internet technologies to our team, and his knowledge of finance is underscored by his history of developing solid business cases for his worldwide clients. Ian is a professionally licensed customs broker.

Mr. Tuck has a BSc Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) from Queen's University at Kingston, and an MBA from INSEAD, in Fontainebleau, France.

Bruce Tuck, President

Mr. Tuck's decades of industry experience in Customs, Purchasing and Traffic provides him with an thoroughly informed perspective on the real-world problems faced by organizations that import and export. Completely grounded in the minutiae of customs regulations, Bruce has been a vocal advocate of full customs compliance since he helped form NoGlobalBorders over 10 years ago. In addition to his years of business experience, Bruce has travelled throughout Canada and the United States, presenting education and training programs that he has developed in Management, Purchasing and Customs to both large and small organizations.

Change and adaptivity is an integral part of business and Bruce's ability to predict many of these changes has consistently allowed our organization (and our clients!) to stay ahead of the competition.

Mr. Tuck has a Business Administration Degree and a Masters Degree in Adult Education.