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About NoGlobalBorders

Our name has been synonymous with Canadian self-clearance software for 12 years. That's how long we've been saving our clients millions of dollars in brokerage fees and customs duties, all driven by our desire to see Canadian importers take control of their own import process.

In the last half-decade, our business has spread to the US as well, helping enable US exporters to Canada become part of Canada's Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program.  Our clients come from many industries, among them aerospace, consumer products, manufacturing, and services.  

Our professionals come from both industry and consulting, from purchasing management and information technology. We have a history of working with people whose jobs are to make sure that goods are in the warehouse when they're needed. NoGlobalBorders works closely with government and industry, cultivating the relationships that help our clients get answers quickly.

All of us share the vision that your customs function can be more than a cost-centre in your business, that it can become a point of strategic competitive importance.  And we are committed to helping our clients realize the benefits of improving their logistics process. Our mission guides all of our activity, to our clients' benefit.

In addition to our brokerage and self-clear importing services, NGB is often asked by Fortune 500 companies to help them improve the way they get goods into and out of the country, while still complying with the many governmental regulations that apply to imports and exports. Our clients regularly engage NGB Consulting to deliver superior customs and logistics advice. Our recommendations are always practical, implementable, and always demonstrate a solid return-on-investment.