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Our Mission - One 20-Page Manifesto Later...
When we set out to craft our mission statement, we started by writing down everything we thought could be improved with the way international trade is currently done, both by organizations and by the brokerage industry. Twenty pages of brainstorming later, we were overcome by the enormity of the opportunities and decided that perhaps we should take a different approach.

We knew a few things for certain:

  • We wanted to bring a level of transparency and integrity to the brokerage business that was without peer
  • We wanted to consistently surprise our clients with an unparalleled level of service
  • We wanted to be perceived as an Importer and Exporter advocate, which meant a key question we asked ourselves before making any technology or business decisions was "does this improve the lot of those responsible for international trade in an organization?"
  • We knew that lasting success would only derive from an inclusive approach - importers, exporters, vendors, buyers, carriers, and the customs authority would all have to participate to effect improvements. Therefore, any proposed change would need to have benefits to all
  • We knew that the best solutions would likely come from the people out there in the field, whose livelihoods depended on getting the goods where they were needed, on time, at the lowest cost. We solicit industry opinion and feedback every day to make sure we're moving in the right direction
  • We would look at the way international trade is currently conducted with a critical eye, questioning why things were done the way they were, and try to come up with services and products that challenged traditional dogma
  • Finally, we felt that anything that we did on behalf of the international trade community had to enrich their understanding of the process, so that even when we took on a brokerage client, we made sure that they understood what was happening, and how they might derive even more value from our services.

As much as we are doing all these things, we still couldn't come up with a clear, concise mission statement.

We knew that our success could only be measured by tangible results. As far as we're concerned, the only measure of our success is the extent to which we have reduced your costs, improved the quality of your relationship with Customs, and facilitated the on-time delivery of your shipments.

So, the jury is still out on our mission statement. We've yet to figure out a way to encapsulate all of the above into one or two sentences. For now, we just have the above mission philosophy. If you have a good suggestion for a mission statement that would convince you we're on the right track, contact us!