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Improve Your Cash-Flow Management

One of the biggest suprises that many of our clients experience as a result of using NGB Brokerage is a significantly reduced cash-flow burden. In many cases their current brokers are billing them on a weekly basis. Let's look at how NoGlobalBorders can improve your cash-flow planning:

Predictable Cash-Flows

When you sign a brokerage agreement with NoGlobalBorders, you'll make exactly two payments a month - one to Canada Customs (for your duty and tax), and one to NoGlobalBorders (for brokerage services). NGB bills on the same cycle as Canada Customs, so you'll know exactly when the cash outflows will occur in your billing cycle.

No Extra Costs

NGB clients know exactly what they are going to pay for every entry we do on their behalf (excluding duty and GST). They never see any extra "fax" or "disbursement" charges on their invoices. That means that when they are creating their budgets, they are able to accurately predict their costs for brokerage (assuming they forecast their shipments properly). In addition, they can check their month-to-date duty and GST owing to the government by using the MyNGB service. Because they only receive a single invoice, they also avoid the administrative time and cost of managing multiple payables.