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Why Our Brokerage Clients Stay With Us

We work hard for our clients every day. Our customers recognize the clear benefits of choosing NoGlobalBorders as their customs broker, and that's why they remain our customers.

Benefits of NoGlobalBorders Brokerage:

Standard, Fixed Pricing

When we sign a brokerage contract with your organization, you can be sure that you are not paying more for our service than any of our other clients. Our prices reflect our cost to provide the service, not your willingness to pay more than the next guy. Your price will be based on the amount of work we have to do, not on a meaningless factor like the value of the shipment.

No Hidden Costs

Our agreed upon price with your organization is sacrosanct. We guarantee that you won't find unexpected charges like "fax charges" or "disbursement charges" at ridiculous rates of interest!

Online Access to Your Information

Want to see exactly how much you owe Canada Customs so far this month? Or how much duty you paid on auto parts last quarter? Find out through our MyNGB web-browser based service. Our brokerage customers have complete and secure online access to all the data generated in the course of clearing their shipments into Canada. As an NGB Brokerage client, this service is provided at no extra cost to you.

Recommendations For Process Improvement

Because all of your inbound traffic documentation passes through us, we can often identify opportunities for you to make improvements to your trade processes that will directly impact your bottom line. We can generate useful freight reports and landed-unit-cost reports to provide insight into your real costs. We can also identify your carriers and vendors who add real value to your supply chain, and those that delay shipments or provide poor documentation.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Have a question about exports? Want to speak to someone about a product classification? Need some advice about EDI-friendly carriers? Call our customer service desk! Our customer service professionals know customs, and are available 24x7 to ensure that your emergencies don't stay emergencies for long.

Continuous Investment In Technology

NoGlobalBorders continually strives to improve our service, in part through significant technology investment. As an example, our MyNGB Platform affords our clients a way to query their data to help them run their businesses better. We also work with our clients' carriers and suppliers to find new ways to receive electronic shipping and invoice information, and explore innovative ways to support them in delivering our clients' goods to them more quickly.

Brokerage For Non-Resident Importers

As a foreign exporter to Canada, you may be eligible to participate in the Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program. By using NoGlobalBorders to prepare import documentation for goods that you are shipping to Canada, you can ensure that your goods will face minimal delays at the border. This translates into faster delivery times, and better service for your Canadian clients. In addition, by taking advantage of our low brokerage rates, you may even elect to absorb the brokerage costs on behalf of your clients. In this way, you can solidify your own customer relationships and generate even more business in Canada!