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Bro-ker (broh'kuhr) - A (third party) intermediary in a business transaction

This seems to be the generally accepted view of what a customs broker is, and it certainly applies to many of our competitors. If this is how you see your current customs broker, we urge you to keep reading. 

At NoGlobalBorders we see ourselves as an extension of our clients' business, rather than as yet another profit-eroding middleman between them and their trading partners. We demonstrate this every day by actively managing and suggesting improvements to our clients' trade processes. To us, our success is measured by our ability to reduce your costs, improve the quality of your relationship with Customs, and facilitate the on-time delivery of your shipments.
Consulting Team

Changes in the way Canada Customs is enforcing existing customs legislation mean that Canadian importers can no longer have an "arms-length" relationship with their customs broker. Now more than ever, you need a customs broker that you can trust - who can support your business rather than just profit from it.

NoGlobalBorders is that broker.

As an importer to Canada, you should have confidence that your shipments are being released on time and that your information is being filed completely and accurately with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA).  Although you may not realize it, you are financially liable for everything your broker files with Canada Customs, even if your broker makes a mistake.

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