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How NoGlobalBorders Brokerage Works
Because we started as a self-clear software provider, NoGlobalBorders has had nine years working directly with Canadian importers, understanding the difficulties that they face in getting their goods into Canada while managing seemingly conflicting goals. We know how frustrating it can be to ensure compliance, manage your broker relationship, and somehow keep a lid on costs to keep your organization competitive..

When we started planning the NGB Brokerage operating model, we had a great deal of feedback from our self-clearance clients to draw from. By understanding the reasons that they switched from paying a customs broker to using our self-clear software, we could avoid alienating our own brokerage customers. We (and our brokerage clients) think we've succeeded beyond our expectations.

If you're contemplating switching brokers, or looking for one for the first time, read on to discover why NoGlobalBorders may be your ideal solution.

"No-Haggle" Pricing - Total Price Transparency

When asked, our self-clear clients cited the uncertainty of how much to budget for their brokerage as a key factor in their decision to do their own clearance. At NGB Brokerage, we address this by having standard pricing. Our pricing is based only on the amount of work we have to do to prepare and file your customs documentation. There are no fax and phone charges, no "disbursement fees", and no sliding scale based on the value of the shipment. We only bill you once a month, not every time you bring something into the country, which allows you to better manage your cash flow. Although we do proffer discounts for high-volume customers, we will share the discount table with you, so you can be assured that when you hit those volumes, the discounts will kick in.

Active Process and Compliance Management

Our rates are among the best in the industry, but we aren't a "discount" broker. The quality of our brokerage and customer service is without peer, which is why our clients stay with us. We can't provide this consistently high level of service without truly understanding our clients' businesses. To ensure that we maintain complete compliance, and to protect our clients from hefty AMPS penalties, we talk to their vendors, ask questions about the goods, and regularly identify opportunities to reduce duties or obtain refunds.

Gain-Sharing as a Fundamental Principle

We work with our brokerage clients to help them and their vendors automate the customs process by integrating with their current computer systems. If asked, we will work with you and your vendors to receive electronic information from you which we can then use to more rapidly prepare your documentation. Because this reduces our work burden, you will benefit from a lower rate. In this way NGB Brokerage becomes your business partner, sharing the cost savings and helping you further reduce your products' landed-unit cost.

Business Analysis and Support Tools

NGB Brokerage does not simply clear your goods and mail you an invoice. The process of customs clearance generates significant business information that you can use to support your business. Careful analysis of this data can provide insights which you can leverage to achieve competitive advantage. At NGB Brokerage, we are constantly developing tools for you to derive even more value from our services. Our MyNGB service can help you identify and chart the landed unit costs of your products over time. Use the data to monitor your carrier performance, and verify your vendor pricing agreements. Planned enhancements will allow you to compare various vendor/carrier scenarios to determine the fastest or cheapest way to get your goods into the country. And NGB will be there the whole way, facilitating the transaction and acting as your advocate.