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Do you Export to Canada?

As a foreign exporter to Canada, you can use NoGlobalBorders Brokerage to prepare your customs documentation and account for duty and tax. Some of our US clients clear their goods from their head offices in the States as they send shipments to their Canadian subsidiaries, or as a valued service to their Canadian customers. They do this under CCRA's Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program.

How You Can Benefit From the the NRI program:

No Delays at the Canadian Border

As the Non-Resident Importer, you become the importer of record as well as the shipper of goods into Canada. Because you originate the goods, you can give us most of the documentation we'll need before your shipment even leaves your dock. You may even be able to directly transfer the information from your existing IT systems to ours, further reducing your brokerage costs.We'll let customs know well ahead of time that your shipment is approaching the border, ensuring that when it arrives, it can go straight through with no long line-ups or waiting for a broker to release goods at the border. Carriers benefit from this, and may give you preferential rates as a result.
A Single Payment Every Month

If you are sending goods across multiple ports all across Canada, and managing multiple broker relationships at those ports, you are probably receiving a steady stream of invoices from a panoply of brokers. Using NoGlobalBorders Brokerage, you will only make a single payment each month to Canada Customs for the duty and GST on your cross-border shipments, and a single monthly payment to NoGlobalBorders. Two payments, with no usurious "disbursement fees".

Reduced Costs

Our brokerage NRI clients pay a fixed price per entry, regardless of the port, the size of the shipment, or the value of the goods, which almost always results in lower brokerage costs for them. Those savings will go straight to your bottom line. Even better, with our MyNGB service, you'll have a much better understanding of the landed-unit-cost of getting your goods into Canada. If you take advantage of this information properly, you may be able to increase your price to your Canadian buyers, pick up the customs fees on their behalf, and still get it to them more cheaply (to them) than ever before. That just makes competitive sense.

Improved Relationship With Customs

If you haven't heard of the Administrative Monetary Penalty System, you should know that your Canadian customers will soon be subject to financial penalty for improper customs documentation and processes. As the vendor, you may be responsible for them incurring penalties, which can severely damage your relationship. NoGlobalBorders Brokerage will ensure that the documentation that accompanies your shipments is fully compliant with Canadian regulations, and that all duty and GST is properly accounted for. As a result, both you and your customers will enjoy a greatly improved relationship with Customs, which will help when you are ready to participate in other importer-friendly Customs programs.