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We Don't Just Want Your Business - We Want To Improve It

Even though you choose to outsource your customs function to NoGlobalBorders, we want you to know that we won't be happy about it. Well, we will, but we'll want to make it better. We are passionate about finding opportunities for our clients to save money, and make it a point of pride to squeeze cost out of our clients' international trade processes.

Documentation Improvements

You run a business. You understand that if you can reduce your costs, you can make more money, and be more competitive. At NoGlobalBorders, we face the same challenges you do. One of the things that costs us money is poor documentation from your vendors. As part of what we do, we work with your vendors to improve the quality of the documentation they send with your goods. We also try to get them to send us electronic invoice and shipment information. If they can, it cuts our costs, and we share those savings with you. Good documentation also reduces delays at the border, meaning that your shipments arrive at your docks more quickly.
Duty Reduction

We also keep a close eye on the duty and GST you're paying, and constantly look for ways to reduce these costs. If you could be benefiting from NAFTA, but currently aren't, we'll instruct you how to get the information you need to take advantage. We do periodic reviews of your goods to see if there are new opportunities to reclassify your goods due to new regulations. New clients often benefit from a historical review of their past imports to see if perhaps they are entitled to refunds from the government.

Analytical Tools

We are continually investing in the development of analytical tools to help support you in your business. Our MyNGB Service gives you insight into every line of every entry we ever do for you, and allows you to print the source documents right from your web browser. We can show you trends in your purchasing by product, or vendor, or carriers. If you'd like us to provide you with reports on your freight, we can do that too. If there's any other information you think could help support your business, just tell us, and we'll do our best to get it to you in a form you can use..