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Are You Prepared For An Audit?

Hopefully, your current customs broker has already filled you in on AMPS, the Administrative Monetary Penalty System. If they haven't, it is important that you be sure that you are prepared for the new legislation, which takes effect October 7th, 2002.

NoGlobalBorders has a staff of customs and international trade professionals who can work with your organization to make sure that you are fully compliant with AMPS regulations. They will look at each step of your import and export processes and generate a set of recommendations to ensure that when Canada Customs decides to perform a post-verification audit, your organization will face minimum exposure.

Documentation Quality and Reconciliation

NGB audit consultants will examine the quality of your (and your vendor) documentation, map out your process for reconciling your accounting with your customs reporting, and document your receiving process to ensure that you're reporting what is actually showing up at your dock.

In addition, we'll look at your certificates of origin, with an emphasis on ensuring that NAFTA eligible goods have valid certificates. At your discretion, we can also do a complete verification of your tariff classifications, or look at a representative sample to see if further work is warranted.

Process Mapping

NGB will document your entire import and export processes, from ordering to delivery, identifying where things can go wrong, who has responsibility for each step, and what triggers the next step in each process. This process overview usually enables you to quickly identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

Our final recommendations generally include a new set of processes (developed with you and the other stakeholders in your order-to-delivery process) that will not only better prepare you for an AMPS audit, but will more effectively support your business and improve your relationships with vendors and customers.

Benefits and Deliverables

As an importer, you won't only see the benefits if you are audited by CCRA. Our full report of your level of compliance is accompanied by a realistic and implementable set of recommendations that, if completed, will also put your organization well on the way toward Customs Self-Assessment eligibility.

The benefits of an NGB audit may also extend directly to your bottom line. Your current processes may result in your overpaying duty and GST, and provide no mechanism for ensuring that you are actually paying the freight and brokerage for which you've contracted. Our final report will also contain recommendations for setting up processes to ensure that you're getting what you pay for, and that you're not paying more than you should be.

NGB has been an advocate for importers for almost a decade, and has very strong ties with Canada Customs, so we understand exactly what Canada Customs auditors are looking for. We also have a great appreciation of the importance to your business of developing and maintaining a good relationship with the CCRA, and an NGB compliance audit will go a long way towards doing just that.