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ustoms & Logistics Consulting
In addition to our brokerage and self-clear importing services, NGB is often asked by Fortune 500 companies to help them improve the way they get goods into and out of the country, while still complying with the many governmental regulations that apply to imports and exports. Our clients regularly engage NGB Consulting to deliver superior customs and logistics advice. Our recommendations are always practical, implementable, and always demonstrate a solid return-on-investment.

Logistics Consulting

Many of our clients use the acquisition of our software as a catalyst to re-examine their entire logistics process. As part of this effort they often engage NGB to work with them to identify and effect order-to-warehouse process improvements. Whether they license ProImporter or not, we look at every stage of our consulting clients' import and export processes and help them to develop plans that make the entire process better. We can look at their freight, their sourcing strategies, their level of EDI capability (and that of their vendors), and develop realistic improvement plans that must show a good return on their investment. We work with the vendors and carriers of our clients (many with whom we already have a relationship) to determine how ready and willing those corporate partners are to provide better or more timely customs information. Often mistake-ridden manual data entry processes can be reduced or eliminated, and many of the goods-clearing activities automated.

Training & Seminars

While we often run single or half-day seminars for importer and exporters at our offices, we also go on-site at our clients to teach them how to import or export efficiently. We cover permits, classification, documentation requirements and government payment options, among other things. Our training sessions can be tailored specifically for your organization and delivered to up to 20 people at once.

Duty Drawbacks

Because many Canadian companies don't necessarily use the same broker for importing and exporting, their brokers may not have much insight into what happens to the goods they import once they get into Canada. This leaves many companies unaware that they are often entitled to money back from the government as a result of exporting goods that were previously imported, either wholly or as raw materials.  NoGlobalBorders will work with you to identify any such entitlements, and file for the refunds on your behalf.  Because this work is done on a contingency basis, you only pay us if we find any drawbacks.