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MyNGB - Your In-House Broker

For many companies, customs brokerage is a cost of doing business. Your shipments come in from all over the world, and you get a (daily? weekly?) invoice from your broker. Seems simple.

At NGB, we understand that there is more that your broker should be doing. There is significant value in the information that is created in the course of importing your goods into the country. There is also significant opportunity. With MyNGB, our secure, web-based data access application, authorized people from your organization can use this information to make better business decisions.

Features of MyNGB:

See your entire importation history, online

MyNGB gives you unprecedented access to all your importation data. Want to see how your monthly duty and GST totals were derived? Break down your monthly totals into daily summaries, the daily information into transactions, and your transactions into individual line items, to get at exactly the level of detail you need.

With MyNGB, you can find every product you've ever imported from anywhere in the world and aggregate this data to better understand your purchasing patterns. Because we put in every line-item on every invoice, you can even re-create your customs invoices verbatim and print them off directly from your web browser!

Identify Cost Saving Opportunities

You can look at your product catalog online and identify those goods that may be eligible for NAFTA status. If you can obtain a valid NAFTA certificate where you didn't have one, you can then apply for a refund from the government on your historical overpayment of duty. You can look at individual products, or do a complete sweep of your entire product database. In any case, you can print out any of the results in a concise report for your vendors.

You can also chart your purchase prices for your products over time. Find out how much you're really paying from each vendor for the same goods. Add in the freight and determine the total-landed-unit cost, to help direct your future spending. Use MyNGB as a trusted advisor that can help your organization achieve competitive advantage in procurement.

No extra charges

When you sign up as a NoGlobalBorders client, we provide you with a secure login and password at no extra cost to you. We are continuously improving our MyNGB platform based on our client feedback and our strategic partnerships, and think that giving our clients free access to these technologies provides ample proof that we are committed to adding value to their organizations.

MyNGB is just like having your customs broker in your building!