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The following documents and forms come directly from the Canada Customs Website. They were current as of January 1st, 2002. NoGlobalBorders makes no claim as to their current validity. We attempt to make sure that we keep them updated, but accept no liability in the event that they are not. All forms require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view and print them. To save these on your computer, click on the icons or titles. If that doesn't work, right-click on the title or icon and select "Save Target As...".

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Canada Customs Export Declaration (B13A)
This document is required for shipments being shipped from Canada to countries other than the USA where the value of goods being shipped is greater than $2000.00 CAD

Canada Customs Invoice (CCI)  (revised 2002-01-07)
A Canada Customs Invoice should accompany all incoming shipments to Canada. A properly completed CCI should include country of origin information and HS Code Classification information for each item in the shipment.

CCI Second Page (Continuation Sheet)  (revised 2001-07-03)
This page can be used for all invoice pages after the first, allowing more items on the page.

Request For Adjustment or Refund of Duties (B2)
This document allows Canadian importers to ask for an adjustment or a refund of duties paid if an error has been made in the accounting package. Importers can do this only after they have paid all the duties originally calculated in error.

Business Number Application
The Business Number initiative provides the Canadian government with a common identification system for business clients. This single number identifies businesses for the following programs: Customs Import & Export; Payroll Source Deductions; Corporate Income Tax; GST

NAFTA Rules Of Origin
This plain language document explains how to determine if your goods are NAFTA eligible.

NAFTA Certificate
Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, goods produced in the U.S. or Mexico are entitled to be imported into Canada free of duty. For the commercial or non-commercial importation of a good whose value exceeds US$1,000 (or its equivalent amount in Mexican or Canadian currency), a Certificate of Origin to be completed by the exporter, must accompany the goods.

B3 Canada Customs Coding Form
Form B3 is the document used to account for imported goods destined for commercial use in Canada

AMPS Master Penalty Document  (revised 2002-10-07)
This is the complete list of penalties applicable under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System