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When You Need Us, NGB is There
You may have had bad experiences with other providers of self-clear software. Every update came at a cost, even though the updates were to fix bugs *they* wrote into the software. Calls to their helpdesk were charged back to you by the hour, independent of whether or not they solved to problem. If you had a question about customs, it took days to get someone who knew anything to call you back.

Talk to our customers (we'll give you references), and they'll tell you that we consistently over-deliver on our promises and go out of our way to solve their problems.

Software Issues

When you decide to use ProImporter, we'll come on-site and train up to three of your staff in the use of the software. In addition to the training and the on-line help, our software support staff are always available to help you solve any software problems you may be having. If it's something we can't solve over the phone or the internet, we'll come on-site to fix it at no extra cost, unless you're more than 100km away from us, in which case you'll only pay for our travel expenses. We recognize the time-critical nature of your business, and will do everything we can to make sure that you don't miss a single delivery or release. If for some reason we *still* can't resolve the issue in a timely fashion, our brokerage division will do your customs entries until the problem has been fixed.

We also monitor the filing status of all our clients' entries, and contact them if they are in danger of missing a filing deadline. We also touch base with our clients regularly to make sure they aren't having any problems, and pay special attention to clients who have just started self-clearance, to ensure a trouble-free early experience.

Customs Questions

It's fine to give you software that claims to "do it all", but what happens if you just don't understand something about the customs process, and all you seem to be able to reach on the phone are people who know how to tell you to reboot your computer? NoGlobalBorders' customs professionals love the opportunity to speak with our clients, helping them with everything from understanding the pre-arrival release process to giving advice on a particularly challenging tariff classification. We never charge to answer our clients' simple questions, and if it's something that might require more in-depth research to resolve, we'll let you know before undertaking any work, so you can make an informed decision to engage us, rather than being surprised by an extra charge on your monthly bill.

"Emergency" Resolution

Finally, NoGlobalBorders enjoys a fantastic relationship with Canada Customs, and have even had high-ranking officials from Ottawa come present on emerging issues in Customs to our clients. These relationships often prove invaluable when our clients have business-critical problems. We've seen it all - missing permits, failures to report, expired surety bonds, and do our best to make sure that no matter how serious the issue seems, it will be resolved as quickly as possible. We can also help prepare you for a customs audit. Our emergency issue resolution staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because when you need those parts for your production line, we know you can't afford to wait.