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Discover more about doing your own customs clearance, and the ways in which using ProImporter can benefit your organization

Why Become a Self-Clear Importer?

Our ProImporter® Software is used by many companies, both north and south of the Canadian border. Our clients have all made the decision to take control of their customs function, significantly reducing their cost of bringing goods into the country by eliminating high brokerage fees.

Benefits of The ProImporter Software:

Inexpensive to Get Started

Despite what many companies believe, it is not very time-consuming, expensive, or difficult to become a self-clear importer. You need only obtain a customs bond (easily done, NGB will help) and our ProImporter software! You can create your product catalog on the system as you bring goods into the country, or you may be able to transfer your existing computerized database directly into ProImporter before even getting started. ProImporter uses published, standardized formats for importing product or invoice information directly into your customs software without having to re-key data! We will install the software and train up to three of your staff in the use of our package, all included in the license fee.

Eliminate Broker Charges, Control Your Cash Flow

NGB clients pay "by the drink" - a modest per-transaction fee that encompasses the release and final accounting for their customs shipments. This means that you will only pay for as much as you actually use our software, and that how much you pay isn't based on the size of your wallet. We bill once a month, and our clients pay the government once a month for their duty and taxes. No more having to cut a cheque to your broker every week, and with up-to-the-minute duty and GST information at your fingertips, you will better be able to predict your cash flow requirements.

No Exorbitant "Upgrade" Fees

Our clients pay one very low annual license fee that covers all software upgrades and support. In our ten years of operation, we have never charged extra for "special" upgrades, and never will. We do charge for each seat of a multi-user installation, but at reduced rates, and again, those license fees cover all upgrades, fixes, support calls and improvements.

Access To Your Trade Data

Want to see exactly how much you owe Canada Customs so far this month? Or how much duty you paid on parts coming from China last quarter? ProImporter comes with a variety of useful reports that can help you better understand your importing patterns and true landed-unit-cost. In addition, the program can suggest potential ways for you to reduce the duty and tax that you are paying.

Improved Compliance With Canada Customs

As the importer of record, you likely know your products far better than your broker (unless you are using NGB Brokerage). Because of this, you should be able to more appropriately classify your products, which makes Canada Customs very happy. ProImporter has many automated checks and alerts to ensure that you can not send incorrect information to Canada Customs.

Simple To Use

ProImporter uses a simple and easy-to-understand Windows interface to facilitate ease-of-use. Navigation throughout the program is effortless, and you can have multiple documents open at the same time. Many of our clients are able to do the complete accounting for a simple shipment in less than 5 minutes! No proprietary connections with Canada Customs are necessary - you can securely send all the required information over the Internet. And our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff are always available to help you, whether with a program issue or a customs question.

Daily Updates Of Critical Information, Releases in Minutes!

Every day when you login to the Internet with ProImporter, it will download any updates that are required from Canada Customs. Classification updates, exchange rates, announcements and release data are automatically loaded into the program to ensure that your calculations will be correct. When your shipment is released at the border and you go online with ProImporter, you'll know within minutes that your goods are on their way to their destination. Additionally, your organization will have access to the secure MyNGB on-line website, so that people in your organization who have an interest in tracking your shipment will be able to see when it has been released, even if they aren't the ones using ProImporter, or are halfway around the world!

No More Broker

Finally, many companies find that eliminating their customs broker as a middleman strengthens their relationships with their suppliers, their carriers, and Canada Customs. Often, they are surprised to find that they could only be paying duty and GST on their shipments once a month, because their broker bills them almost daily. The ProImporter software often provides them with valuable data that they can use to make themselves more competitive. And the savings over their brokerage costs goes straight to their bottom line.