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So You Don't Want To Use A Broker?

Our brokerage clients like us. But our self-clear clients love us. If you are looking to do your own customs clearances, NoGlobalBorders has a solution for you.

ProImporter®, our Windows-based customs software, allows both Canadian importers and exporters to Canada to prepare and file electronically all the customs information required to release and account for their shipments into Canada.

Until now, calculating duty and taxes for every item on shipments you have brought into the country has been a laborious process. Classifying your goods inappropriately means you have either overpaid or opened yourself up for expensive audits by the Canadian government. Your traffic department (assuming you have one) can only keep up by either 1) consolidating items on the invoice, which means that you have less data to analyze later, or 2) outsourcing the whole process to a customs broker.

Sample Invoice Screen
Sample Invoice detail screen (click to enlarge)

If you're doing it yourself, all those calculations and rules create opportunities for errors. You are probably not able to easily see how many times you imported product A, or from where, or how much duty and taxes you paid on purchases from a particular country or supplier.

With our easy-to-use, multi-user customs solution you can now create customs entries on your computer, and send them electronically via the Internet to the government.  You pay duty and taxes once a month directly to Canada Customs, and there are no hidden costs like "handling" or "rush fees" that often show up on a broker invoice.  There are no complex calculations for you to do, no consolidation of invoice information, and no in-depth understanding of customs regulations is required.  In fact, all you need to do is enter three pieces of information, and ProImporter does the rest!

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