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Discover more about doing your own customs clearance, and the ways in which using ProImporter can benefit your organization

Using ProImporter to Self Clear - How It Works

ProImporter works with the documents that you normally use in the course of doing business. Invoices, Advance Shipping Notices, Purchase Orders, and Freight Manifests can all be used to prepare your customs documentation. If you have any of this information in electronic format, ProImporter can automatically read this information to reduce data entry time and errors. If your current IT systems have a list of your product catalog, we can also automatically seed the product database within ProImporter so that you can hit the ground running.

How ProImporter Works

When you have a shipment you wish to bring in from outside the country, you need 2 pieces of information to get it through at the border and slightly more than that to account for duty and tax with the government. You'll need to know the Cargo Control Number (CCN) that the carrier will be using to identify the shipment at the border, as well as summary invoice information for the shipment (cost, origin of goods, a representative description of the bulk of the shipment etc.)

With this information, you can electronically (via the Internet) notify Canada Customs that this shipment will be arriving soon. CCRA can then decide ahead of time if they wish to inspect your shipment. When your goods arrive at the border, the carrier can virtually drive straight through, with no delays or long lines.

You can understand why carriers love working with NoGlobalBorders clients! Your organization benefits from faster deliveries, and your carrier improves their truck utilization.

Once your shipment has been "released" at the border, you have 5 days to tell the government what you owe in duty and taxes. You can do this in minutes by entering the remaining invoice detail for the shipment, and then sending it via the Internet to Canada Customs. As duty rates and exchange rates change, this information is automatically updated in the ProImporter software, ensuring that you are using the most up-to-date data, direct from customs. Entries are confirmed as released and cleared within one hour of filing, ensuring that if your goods have not yet arrived, you can be confident that they are in transit rather than held up at the border.

If your trading partners or carriers operate with electronic documents (Invoices or Advance Shipping Notices), or if you have an electronic purchase order system, we can work with you to ensure that you can take the PO's or electronic invoices and shipping manifests and automatically enter them into ProImporter. Your customs process then becomes almost completely automated! No more data entry, no more keying mistakes, and, best of all, you own and can use all the data generated by the process to improve your business.

ProImporter generates daily information about the duty and tax owed on each shipment, and notifies you at the end of the month exactly what your monthly remittance will be with CCRA. You only need to remit your duty and GST to the CCRA at the end of every month. No more cutting 10 checks a month to your customs broker!

The diagram below illustrates the flow of information required to clear your goods into Canada. As you can see, it requires only documentation that you already currently use, and information that is automatically kept up-to-date by ProImporter.