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Discover more about doing your own customs clearance, and the ways in which using ProImporter can benefit your organization

A Payback Period of Less Than 6 Months!

Because ProImporter requires so little up-front investment, most of our clients pay back their entire investment within 6 months of installation. After that, the savings go directly to your bottom line. When developing a business case for your organization, we will work with you, taking the following costs and benefits into consideration:


The direct costs associated with moving to self-clear include a computer system and an Internet connection (which most companies already have - it does not need to be dedicated to customs.)

A low annual license fee will cover all user training and program updates and upgrades, and a very low per-entry fee will ensure that you only pay for as much as you use of the service. This will also cover all data updates from Canada Customs. The only other cost you will incur will be the time it takes to enter the data - as a guideline, our clients generally take less than five minutes to enter the information associated with a single shipment of five lines.
Quantative Benefits

The main quantative benefits of using ProImporter are due to "cost-avoidance". Some of our clients' per-entry costs with NGB are now only 10% of their pre-NGB costs. In addition, you will only be cutting two checks a month, one to customs, and one to NGB, significantly reducing your administrative costs (you'll also only get two invoices - one from Customs and one from us.)

Independent of the per-entry costs, you'll also benefit from the fact that there will no longer be a middleman who pays customs once a month, but charges you weekly, often adding marked-up charges for "disbursements", "faxes", and "phone calls" (?!)

Qualitative Benefits

Faster delivery times. Improved customer and vendor relationships. Grateful carriers, who may be willing to renegotiate freight rates now that you can ensure fewer delays for their trucks at the border. More control over your entire supply chain. A better relationship with customs authorities, and the resulting opportunity to take advantage of progressive customs initiatives such as Customs Self-Assessment. Finally, you'll be much more comfortable that you are in compliance with Canada Customs regulations, and protected against costly AMPS penalties.