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ProImporter System Requirements
ProImporter® is a Windows-based application that can run on any version of Windows that has been released since Windows 98. However, for best performance, we recommend the following system configuration:
  • IBM Compatible PC, with a minimum 500 Mhz CPU

  • Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me, or XP Operating System

  • Minimum 256MB RAM

  • Minimum 20 GB Hard Drive

  • 17" Monitor - we suggest you run at least 1024x768 resolution, although the software will run fine at 800x600 on a 15" monitor

  • CD-Rom drive (required for installation only)

  • Some means of backing up your system (this may be part of your corporate backup strategy, a local tape drive, or a CD/R drive) - this isn't required, but is certainly good practice!

  • An Internet connection - dial-up access is fine, although we recommend an "always-on" connection for best speed

  • You may also want a printer to be able to print out useful reports from within ProImporter, although you can also view them on the screen or export them to an external file which can be e-mailed or otherwise manipulated

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