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What Can NoGlobalBorders Do For My Organization?

Customs Brokerage

NoGlobalBorders provides full-service customs brokerages services to North American companies who wish to bring goods into Canada. With our MyNGB Service, we provide analytical and tracking tools online to all of our brokerage clients. Click here to learn more.

Self-Clear Software

In addition to providing superior service to our customs clients, we also have technology solutions for companies that wish to do their own customs clearances, allowing them to prepare their own electronic customs entries and file them with Canada customs via the Internet. Click here to learn more about our self-clear solution.

Customs & Logistics Consulting

Our team of international trade professionals is often called upon to help North American companies develop better trade processes, and to leverage their trade information in ways that can better support their business. From quickly analyzing the effectiveness of your current customs and logistics processes to developing a complete strategy and implementation plan for conducting international trade, NoGlobalBorders will always create value for your organization. Click here to learn more about our consulting services.

Compliance Audits

With Canada Customs' AMPS program only a few months away, many companies need support in ensuring that they will not be negatively impacted by financial penalties and delayed shipments. NoGlobalBorders team of customs professionals can conduct compliance audits and make recommendations to your organization to fix any shortcomings in your current processes. Click here to learn more about our compliance audits.

Tariff Audits

NoGlobalBorders can review your tariff classifications for your imported and exported product catalogs. Our team of professional product raters will ensure that you are benefiting from the most advantageous duty rates while still complying with all Canada Customs regulations. With Canada Customs' AMPS program now in place, many companies will need to ensure that they have minimized exposure to financial penalties due to misclassification. NoGlobalBorders will monitor the ongoing correctness of your product classifications, notifying you of any changes, and make these classifications available to your carriers or vendors via the MyNGB interface. Click here to learn more about our tariff audits.