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Ensure Your Goods Are Classified Properly

As a Canadian importer or exporter, you should know about upcoming Canada Customs programs, such as AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) and CSA (Customs Self-Assessment).  The goal of these programs is to both enforce and reward compliance with Canada Customs regulations.  To the importer, this means that Customs will be scrutinizing the way you classify your goods much more closely.  If you use a broker, you are still subject to fines if the goods are misclassified.  What are the chances your broker has misclassified your goods?  Well, when was the last time you got a call from your broker with the goal of understanding exactly what the poorly described object on your invoice represented?  Without that understanding, your broker cannot properly classify your product, which exposes you to potential fines and/or overpayment of duty.

If you're already seeing extra charges (often reflected as "special handling charges") on your brokerage invoices, it may be that the broker had to call the vendor for more information about your customs documentation. Count yourself lucky that at least your broker is asking.

Our customs classifications specialists can review your entire product catalogue to ensure that all of your goods are classified correctly.  At the same time, they will look for appropriate classifications to enable your goods to be imported at the lowest possible duty rates.  If we detect a misclassification, we will work with you to file for any refunds that your company may be eligible for as a result of historical overpayments to the government. Our classification experts can also work with you to determine the appropriate export classification for your products.

You can use this to provide your vendors with classifications of the products they sell to you, to aid them in preparing Canada Customs Invoices. In fact, you can even set them up with their own password on MyNGB to view (and update, if you wish) their product information. Your vendors and importers can even use this information to prepare valid Canada Customs Invoices online, using NoGlobalBorders' ProDocs web-based document preparation service.

Finally, NGB will keep an archive of your classified products, and if you are not a client of NoGlobalBorders (in which case updates are free of charge), we can still monitor your catalog and let you know if the duty and tax rates have changed, or when the classifications have expired or changed.